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In spite of all he went up to Golgotha …

My usual question at the end of the Lent period was: „How did you spend the Lent, what impressions do you have from those days?“ Some people were excited, others were surprised by the question, and others were dissapointed by their fickleness… There were many answers, but if I should express our feelings about the Lent in a simple way, I would use the classic, well-worn phrase: „We lack persistence“. Although we need it so much. We need it while waiting at the doctor´s waiting room, we need it while shopping, at the bus stop, in reaching everyday aims…

During these days we will be commemorating Jesus´ victory over death and sin, victory over people´s misery and unsteadiness. Again, after a year, we celebrate Easter. During these days we can show on the example of Jesus´ life how needed, or better to say indespensable, persistence is. How many times did Jesus experience betrayal and failure, how many times was he dissapointed by apostles? How many times did he feel the toughness and unsteadiness of people´s hearts? How many times did he give them a chance and they failed anyway… In spite of all that he never said that there is no point in trying, that he would give up, that people are not worth his sacrifice. He waded through many dissapointments and by his persistence he went up to Golgotha. Even in spite we are not worth it, he brought the greatest sacrifice.

And right in this Jesus can serve a great example to us. To live our life persistently even in spite of many failures and misfortunes, even in spite of many obstacles. Not to give up in half-way, but to follow the aim. It is said that if we want to break the rock we must hit it with the hammer 50 times. However, the 51st hit would smash the rock. It is not only the last, the 51st attempt, that breaks the rock but all those previous and unsuccessfull hits as well. If we said „I can´t“ we wouldn´t reach anything. It is not enough only to dream about the aims, they have to be reached in spite of obstacles as well.

I wish you joy and peace but also a lot of persistance that Easter tells us about

author: ¼uboš Šípoš, priest (2009-04-10)