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Christmastime all the Year long

Who wouldn´t like to have Cristmastime all the year long? But we may only tell this about a man whose smile shines every day just as the sun or moon does on the sky. It is a shame that there are only few of such people! Thanks for children being here with us. They are those who try to do so somehow! Regarding adults – the issue becomes much more difficult. Fortunately there is Christmas here ones again. Although mostly only children enjoy it very much! They are not affraid of saying that these are the most beautiful days of the year.

We decorate the Christmas tree with sweets and savour them secrectly afterwards. And children love Christmas also because Jesus-Child comes and brings us some presents. However children do not forget to remind also another reason for being merry! All our families meet these days. There was one young lady and she said that: „On Cristmas Day the house is full of people - two grandmas, mum, dad, uncle, aunt, grandpa, me and the dog. And the grandma makes than the best cabbage soup in the whole world. On this day everybody is happy and full of love. Probably everybody loves Christmas.“

Let´s hope she is right. Let´s not allow to waste these amazing christian feast. These days are really extraordinary! They remind us all the nice and happy moments. However these do not have to be neccessarily memories. Also current moments could be beautiful. And not much is needed for that. It is enough to enjoy peace with your family and beloved ones, it is enough to turn off the TV in order to spend the time with each other in joyful spirit.

Really, not much is needed. Human happines could be gained through simple things such as smile, nice word, thankfulness... And than – just as the stars from heaven – thousands of little joys will come down to us unexpectedly...

author: Ľuboš Šípoš, priest (2007-12-20)