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The Art of Flying with Open Eyes ...

Whether we want it or not, sooner or later we will certainly bump into a tough obstacle in our life - the cross. It does not have to be only a hard piece of timber. Often there are moments that leave a deep mark on our life. One may suffer from an illness, the other could lose a dear person. Another one may face indignity or refusal. It also may be a professional or personal failure at both work or family. Such a „timber“ could be of various measures and shapes. It does not care at all about dignity, social rank, name, reputation, achievements... Suddenly it simply appears in front of us and at that moment we do not know what to do with it. Cross is simply a part of every human life.

Only some of us can get by more or less easily. In such moments we lose the ground under our feet and we are filled with sorrow even despair. We can not change the progress of events but we must go on. St. Andrew Avellino said once: „Everyone has to suffer. The only difference is that you may suffer as the penitent sinner on the cross - abandoned to Lords will or as the distressed sinner on the cross who suffers recalcitrantly.“

The difference is in how we see it all. Such a view can change one man´s life. If the joyful sun has dissapeared from someone´s life, he tries to look for even a small star of hope on the sky which he believes the Lord has once lit for him. Someone full of despair – being in the same situation - could keep on wailing at dark night.

Fortunately, there are people (and there are many of them) who say to themselves: „Dark days will end. I only have to be full of patience, a lot of patience... and mainly I have to be patient with myself!“

Life is not a maschine that produces only beautiful days full of light. There are both nice and ugly days. Those nice pass very fast. But also bad days will have to pass somehow. We must not forget about this. Lets be full of trust and patience in such moments. It may remind us flying with open eyes.

author: Ľuboš Šípoš, priest (2007-10-01)