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God Wants to Talk to You

Why should I pray? Nevertheless, God knows what I need and He even knows it much better than I do. But anyway - to pray - how to do it? And what in fact a prayer is? Will a good book with Christian topic, good quality gospel music or famous Christian event bring me more advantage than a prayer? Hoping that it will help to fulfill your inward emptiness you try anything. But it is so simple. Only God can fulfill completely your soul - not art, job, sport, enjoyment, nothing in this world, not a single person. God has the power to fulfill all your desires thoroughly. This God wants to meet you personally in a prayer; He wants to talk to you.


God loves you. You are extremely important for Him: He has sent His only son Jesus to die for you. It is important for Him that you are happy, much more important than it is for you. He is the one who comes to you in the communication as the first one, when he sends down to earth his Word - Jesus and He waits for your reply.

God is a person. Since He is a person, it is needed to build up a relationship with Him, the same you would do with a friend.

How to build up a relationship with God? As any other one: dedicate your free time to Him. There are many successful people who have their families decayed because they had almost all their time invested into work. Reserve a regular period of time that would belong only to you and God. Will that be 15-20 minutes? An hour? It is up to you. You have to pay for everything in your life. For the personal relationship with God you have to pay with time you spend in praying.

What should I pray like?

Be honest. Pray the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary and Apostles´ Creed, but however valuable they are, they will not be sufficient on their own. You will not create a personal friendly relationship with God only with the help of the above mentioned prayers. Why? Because friends tell each other what they think about, what they long for, what bothers them and what are they looking forward to. God wants to know all this from you. Tell Him, express it. Openly and loudly. He loves you; He will never be fed up of listening to you.

Be thankful. Thank God for what you have and what you have lived through: for work, food, friends, parents, holiday, school, vacation. Keep your eyes open for the gifts he provides you with in order not to make them ordinary – each of the gifts is a miracle.

Praise Him. He is worth all praises and none of them could involve His grandeur. Tell God: You are Great, Beautiful, Holy, Pure, Understanding God and Giant in Your love. Give God the most beautiful names since this is the nature of the praise: to tell God what He is and what He is to you.

Invoke the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to enter your prayer in order that it would be Him who will pray in you. Invite Him into situations you do not understand so that He can provide you with understanding. Invite Him into your soul so that He can fulfill and change you; let Him fulfill every part of your life with His presence. He will do it.

Read the Lords word. The best is to do it aloud and gradually, starting with the New Testament, chapter by chapter. Swab the viva aqua from this source for your every day. The source will be always full and fresh. It will always be prepared for you to drink from it. God himself is present in Lord’s word and He has the power to interpose your concrete life situation and to change it.

Beg. Being conscious that you will be given everything you will ask the Heavenly Father for in the name of Jesus, beg for everything you have the faith for. And God will give you everything you need because He loves you.

Be inventive. Use music, dance or even painting while praying. God has given you the body also in order to pray with it.

Forgive. When you will pray, forgive everything you might have against anybody, tells Jesus. He knows no compromise, His demand is clear: forgive. Express forgiveness to those who have hurt you or those you think have hurt you and bless them. Do so in the name of Jesus and wish the people only good things. This is the very first thing you should do before you start praying, only after you can START with praying. If you will not do that, let’s be honest: vain you have lost a bit of your valuable time.

And a little personal evidence to end up with. I am in a community of people where we pray each day for an hour, with the Bible – Lord’s word, we pray aloud, everyone in his or her privacy. I keep an endless series of personal evidence of how God listens to my appeals in a very concrete way. My life is an adventure with God who has found me on my life path and who has picked me up out of my dust and has provided me with hope, peace and joy for every day of my life.

God invites also you for a deep personal experience with His love through meeting Him in your personal prayer. He wants you to know Him as God that loves you. Will you accept such an invitation?

author: M. Š., (2007-07-10)