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Internet gospel radio

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Our First Birthday

Dear listeners;

Maybe you have noticed that it already is one year since we have started our internet broadcasting. The test broadcasting we launched on 1st July 2006 at exactly 00:25 CET, the current operation was launched two months later. We have decided to remind the anniversary and to have a little to say for ourselves at the same time.

Certainly you have asked the question of who we are, what we do and why we do this. Yet we are but a small group of people out of which everyone has his own job. We devote mainly our free time to the radio. Expenses for the web page operation and broadcasting we cover by own sources as well.

"Who sings, prays twice", this is the basic idea we follow. Our aim is to focus our attention on music mainly. We would like to act as a music radio; however we intend to enrich the broadcasting with the spoken word in the future as well.

Often one may get into contact with opinion that gospel music is not as high quality as the "commercial" one. But we do not think so and we will try to convince you about it. There are many gospel music genres and musicians in the world who create comparatively or even qualitatively better music than the common commercial streams do. Slovak gospel music stage is undergoing own revival recently and many performers have shown that a good gospel music could be done. And it is not needed to speak about its other huge dimension: it tells us about God, about his love, mercy, hope, help… it reminds about the values, provides a guide of how to live properly… Gospel as a musical piece of art can express the depth of the personal relation of a man with God. All this we would like to mediate for you by the means of our radio.

When the radio was to be established we had committed ourselves to limit any commercials in its broadcasting. Advertising lurks on TV, radio, mailbox, in the streets…. We are sick and tired of it.

Apart from a good music we would like to provide you also with information about Christian events on our web site as well as reflections, CD, DVD and book reviews...

However, our top-priority task is to enlarge the broadcasting with higher speeds and thus to provide you with good quality music broadcasting. Such an intention is but a bit expensive, for the potential help we are thankful in advice.

In the case of your interest to join us with reflections, articles, reviews… or a well-meaning advice or ideas, please, do not hesitate and write to gradio@gradio.sk. Thank you.

We would like to express our gratitude for the already shown interest, interesting remarks, and we would like to thank the authors for their articles and Katka for nice photos :).

Wish a blessed day to all of you. G-Radio team