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Thousands of Lights

When I look at the lights of thousands of candles our cemeteries are covered with on a November day I think about a man's journey can not come to its end just on this world as many people think. They are absolutely convinced about it. They consider the cemeteries to be the end of man's journey on earth.

What a cemetery is to a believer? What is it to me?

To me a cemetery is a kind of a wardrobe where we put old clothes, where we put the first sign of our earthly existence however not the most important one since there is the immortal soul. Death, since the moment we cross to the eternity, remains but a signal of that our earthly life has come to an end. The cemetery has to warn us of important things in our lives, let us contemplate for a while and set off again for a journey that leads to eternity. Earthly life is only the first, the short stage of the journey. It is the time of a wheat grain which dies in the soil, just as one day in the eyes of God but apart from it there are thousands and thousands of God's years.

However, this day is important since it determines what our eternity will be like. After the earthly life ends a new period of a new form and new signs starts. What it will be like depends on the Light man accepts in his life and Christ is that light. And now I am looking at this Light and the thousands of lights at the cemetery with a great deal of hope.

author: Peter Chudják, (2008-11-01)