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Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Glory be to God on high and in earth peace towards men of good will. These words can be heard for more than 2000 years and they bring us the merry tidings that God have not forgotten about us and He have sent us the promised saviour – Jesus Christ, whose birth we commemorate with pleasure in this time. We wish you a blessed Christmas time, a lot of peace in Christ as well as lot of might to walk along God´s paths in the new year 2009.

AAC+ also in our radio

Recently some small changes have been made to our radio and certainly they were not left unnoticed. The changes are related to the broadcasting transition to other audio format. Except the two mp3 and ogg formats being already used we have also launched broadcasting of a relatively new format aac+. The format provides a high sound quality even at low bit rate and you can check it yourself.

Thousands of Lights

When I look at the lights of thousands of candles our cemeteries are covered with on a November day I think about a man's journey can not come to its end just on this world as many people think. They are absolutely convinced about it. They consider the cemeteries to be the end of man's journey on earth.

Our Second Birthday

Dear listeners,

another year is over and the second birthday of our radio, which we celebrate on 1 July, is here. Birthday time is also the time of evaluation - in what we have succeeded and in what we have not. The primary aim of our efforts was to bring as much new music as possible. In the last year more than 800 new songs appeared on the radio. When regarding the choice of music - emphasis was put on genre variety. Increasing number of G-Radio listeners shows that you like the music. Surely, you are welcome to share your opinions about the music with us and we thank you in advance for that.

In the rythm of ordinary days…

The Easter time has ended and the period of „ordinary“ days is coming. We ask why something jolly and nice has ended and maybe we search for a kind of continuation. A lot of us experienced a great joy from that Jesus has won over death - his resurrection. Why then not to take this joy and hope with us to other days? Holy Bible tells us that after Jesus had risen up to Heavens the apostles together with Mary and other members of Christ church followed in praying together up to the fest of Pentecost and then, according to Jesus's assurance, they were all permeated with holy Spirit.

On the way home, give us strength ...

Once again Easter has come - it has become our rebirth and it has set us free. Once and forever the death of Jesus has changed our relationship with God and has provided each man with the hope for eternal life. Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. (Isaiah, 53: 4-5). Jesus's suffering gives the meaning to our own suffering, only with faith we can be patient when we come to touch with suffering. Jesus's resurrection is a hope to us – hope for that God will resurrect also our body and is also a hope to meet those whom we loved and are not with us any more ...

Christmastime all the Year long

Who wouldn´t like to have Cristmastime all the year long? But we may only tell this about a man whose smile shines every day just as the sun or moon does on the sky. It is a shame that there are only few of such people! Thanks for children being here with us. They are those who try to do so somehow! Regarding adults – the issue becomes much more difficult. Fortunately there is Christmas here ones again. Although mostly only children enjoy it very much! They are not affraid of saying that these are the most beautiful days of the year.

"He has lifted up the humble" (Luke, 1:52)

By the end of the last year a spiritual restoration meeting with Jean Vanier was held in Košice (Slovakia). The meeting was entitled by the Luke's motto ("He has lifted up the humble") and it focused mainly on handicapped people, their relatives and others who work with the handicapped. Jean Vanier is the co-founder of the international community movement Faith and Light. The objective of the movement is to help the families with mentally handicapped people to be able to find their own place within the Church and society. G-Radio took part at the meeting and thanks to the Faith and Light movement we are glad to bring some of Jean Vanier's speeches.

The Art of Flying with Open Eyes ...

Whether we want it or not, sooner or later we will certainly bump into a tough obstacle in our life - the cross. It does not have to be only a hard piece of timber. Often there are moments that leave a deep mark on our life. One may suffer from an illness, the other could lose a dear person. Another one may face indignity or refusal. It also may be a professional or personal failure at both work or family. Such a „timber“ could be of various measures and shapes. It does not care at all about dignity, social rank, name, reputation, achievements... Suddenly it simply appears in front of us and at that moment we do not know what to do with it. Cross is simply a part of every human life.

God Wants to Talk to You

Why should I pray? Nevertheless, God knows what I need and He even knows it much better than I do. But anyway - to pray - how to do it? And what in fact a prayer is? Will a good book with Christian topic, good quality gospel music or famous Christian event bring me more advantage than a prayer? Hoping that it will help to fulfill your inward emptiness you try anything. But it is so simple. Only God can fulfill completely your soul - not art, job, sport, enjoyment, nothing in this world, not a single person. God has the power to fulfill all your desires thoroughly. This God wants to meet you personally in a prayer; He wants to talk to you.

Our First Birthday

Dear listeners;

Maybe you have noticed that it already is one year since we have started our internet broadcasting. The test broadcasting we launched on 1st July 2006 at exactly 00:25 CET, the current operation was launched two months later. We have decided to remind the anniversary and to have a little to say for ourselves at the same time.

Where Do You Go, Europe?

There are many theories which have occurred recently and which deal with the idea of what the future of the world will be like and which direction will the mankind follow. Among these theories there could be found both optimistic and pessimistic visions.

Family – the Best Environment for Acquiring Religious and Cultural Values

Family – basic and unchangeable educational community - we concern to be an environment providing the best conditions for religious and cultural value acquiring that helps the man in creating own identity. Without love streaming to the gift of life it is hard to talk about the future of a society. And this is the fact that is hardly to be adopted by many families. The lack of religious and cultural values causes that families withdraw their real direction, and also they fall into decay, there are people who find themselves unhappy and empty.